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About This Event

Greeting\'s,\ \ We are a \"Small Business\" that has been ´╗┐\"Featured in \"Mainline Today News Paper\", \"Montco Today News Paper\". Also we are on Amazon\", \"\" and \"Etsy\". We are interested a Potential Vendor position. We are strong believers in the Quality of a sustainable life for all of humanity as well as our crops, livestock, utilizing our land as the nurturing substance our bodies require and deserve.\ \ \"Holland & Milan Organics­čî▒­čî║\"┬áis an Organic, Plant-based, Handmade Hair & Skincare Line. Utilizing 100% All Natural, Raw, Organic potent ingredients Naturally sourced from Essential Herbs to Repair and Revitalize the Hair and Skin. Specializing in an array of Holistic Health/Wellness Beauty products from vegan handmade soaps, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair butter, body butters, healing serums, insect repellent, pain spray, herbal tinctures, body elixirs, ect. Our Products of the Earth are handmade with love to give our customers instant satisfying results! Conveniently located in Ardmore Pa.19003\ \ ´╗┐\ \ ´╗┐