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March 01, 2022 to March 31, 2022
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Black Moth Tattoo and Gallery, 18 East Lancaster Avenue,, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States, 19003

About This Event

Select works by Ginger del Rey will be on display in the gallery for the month of March.\ \ Ginger del Rey paints photo-realistic nudes of friends, lovers and women she admires. The process often begins with photographing the subjects then editing on the computer, before oils and gold leaf are applied to canvas. Having spent years focused on the commercial arts, costume design and theatre scene design and mural work del Rey arrived at easel painting to capture and express the female forms in a up close and exciting fashion. Honing her skills while developing a unique style of portraiture in a range of styles from photo-realistic to impressionistic, the paintings reveal an adoration of the inherent feminine beauty. “I mix my love of saturated color with a retro dreamy, sunny, sexy 70’s light.” The aim is to capture the essence of the subject and unveil her secrets. At times she adheres to the original plan exactly, while other times allowing for spontaneous deviation. Texture, hues, saturation and light sources are essential to the composition and development of these works. The details, expressions, and palettes will attract attention and unequivocally demand the viewer to linger long with each figure.\ \ Do not miss the opportunity to view these wonderful works in person. Stop in the gallery 4 days a week to view and add to your collection. All works are also available for sale online through our site\